“One of the most distinguished members of the Northwest meteorological establishment...those of us in the Puget Sound weather community have come to depend on Jeff as one of our most visible and effective members”…and…”Jeff is an uber outdoorsman:   a frequent hiker, sailor, and pilot, among others.”

Professor Cliff Mass/University of Washington

So what came first? Jeff’s love of ‘field research’-as a commercial land and sea plane pilot and instructor, scuba diver, sailor and mountaineer…or his love of science, meteorology in particular? Ask Jeff, and he’d be hard pressed to answer. He’d probably grin and look off toward the horizon in a way typical of pilots, sailors and mountaineers. Jeffs’ fascination with outdoor exploration and meteorology began in early elementary school. He continues to pursue both at high levels, and has authored numerous works; among them, a chapter on alpine weather in the number one mountaineering reference in the world. His work has resulted in professional invitations to the White House, the Vatican, the Jungfraujoch High Altitude Research Station in the Swiss Alps, the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) straddling the French-Swiss border and state- of-the-science Astronomical facilities in Arizona. It’s a background Jeff loves to share with others who enjoy ‘field research’; making their backcountry and on-the-water explorations safer and more enjoyable. Interested in having Jeff present to your group? Contact him using the link below…

Interested in finding Jeff’s books? Click on the link to Mountaineer Books below. Want to hear more about Jeff? Click on the podcast link for Kal Aras’ Wisdom of Friends that featured Jeff.

If you share my passion for the outdoors (and if you’re reading this I suspect you do), you also have a passion for expanding your knowledge. That enables us to more fully enjoy the outdoors-be it in the hills or mountains, on rivers, lakes or oceans (or in them) with greater safety. My blog regularly offers elements of both my ‘field research’ and my curiosity. Check it out below, along with the video blogs, or ‘vlogs’ at the top of this page.

Mountain Weather should be required reading for anyone venturing into the hills.
— Eric Simonson, Expedition Leader/Owner International Mountain Guides
With his vivid writing, Jeff Renner will make you feel like you’re right there in the clutches of a thunderstorm. And with equally clear advice, he’ll teach you how to avoid that desperate situation in the first place.
— John Harlin, Backpacker Magazine
Renner has converted the arcane art and science of weather predicting into plain English-a must read for everyone who goes out on boats.
— Tom Kincaid, Founding Editor-Nor'westing Magazine