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The National Speakers Association (NSA) is a collective of more than 3,400+ members whose skills, expertise and experience power the most recognized and respected professional speakers organization in the industry. Jeff is a professional member of NSA, and active within the Northwest Chapter based in Seattle.

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Beyond the Blast Zone of Burnout-Transforming Stress into Confident Performances and Resilient Partnerships…

Jeff Renner’s Speaking Sampler.

…is an adventure-filled journey through some of the world's highest risk environments and situations, guided by a nine-time Emmy-award winning television broadcaster/science journalist and documentary producer...

 • Who will demonstrate how to transform stress into confident performances 'on cue', bypassing burnout, energize collaborative teamwork and reduce employee disengagement.
What an erupting volcano taught Jeff about quickly neutralizing physical and emotional stress.
When scuba diving with a killer whale revealed how to effectively counter fear.
Where a night-flying emergency led from anger to effective coping to unified teamwork to a successful 'landing'.
Why an invitation to a Presidential interview in the White House Rose Garden changed self-doubt-the 'imposter syndrome' from a dream killer to a dream builder
How to develop the 'glue' that transforms stress from a stumbling block to success.

Jeff pairs his Emmy-award winning story-telling skills with a media-rich presentation; it links unforgettable experiences with concrete steps that will energize and transform your participants' approach to their work, their colleagues, their goals and their lives.



Forty-five to sixty minutes will inspire renewed confidence; the confidence that leads to re-direction, re-dedication, and when necessary, the ‘trail blazing’ to move beyond ‘Blast Zones of Burnout’. The ability to respond and transform stressors-’the fleas of life’-with agility and confidence is best reached through personal experience and discovery. Jeff’s extended ‘Blast Zone Breakouts’ construct the mental ‘runways’ necessary for full-throttle ‘takeoffs’ into confident performances and resilient, mutually productive relationships. Jeff expands on the stories and principles explored in his keynotes; he offers enjoyable opportunities to safely experience the techniques that transform stressors and also to explore and discover the foundations that support these methods. Each participant will leave with a ‘Flight Plan’ reference guide, and the personal confidence to successfully apply these techniques in their lives.



If your conference or meeting includes an on'-stage interview with a company, association or industry leader, wouldn’t you feel more confident if the interview was conducted by an experienced professional? Jeff’s interview subjects have included sitting U.S. Presidents, foreign heads of state, Nobel prize winners and astronauts. He continues to conduct interviews and conversations as Executive Producer and Host of the Emmy-nominated television program Challenge 2.0. Let Jeff emcee your special event or conduct your on-stage interview.

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